Giyora Golan

For the past 20 years I have been working with large multinational corporations and local companies in their quest to better understand their competitive environment. My expertise is qualitative market research. Prior to establishing my own research firm I managed and founded the qualitative market research department in one of Israel’s leading market research firms -Midgam and prior to that I set up and managed the market research department in one of Israel’s top five advertising agencies – Geller Nessis D'Arcy ,today called Publicis Israel.

I’ve led more than 1,500 focus groups and interviewed more than 1,000 consumers and experts in many fields, mostly relating to consumer choice and brands.

My professional expertise spans all qualitative research phases, so I am able to provide unique value and insight on several levels:

  • Help in forming the question that the qualitative market research sets out to answer and in choosing the most impactful research methodology
  • Close support during all research phases
  • Optimal management and execution of all research phases: defining the target audience, recruitment of participants, drafting research guidelines, fieldwork and analysis of the results. Insights are presented in a report that contains actionable information.

Our Market Research Offering:

Each question or decision point requires a different approach.

We will help you pinpoint the questions and challenges you face and suggest the optimal market research approach, and will always explain the possible advantages and disadvantages of choosing one method over the other.

Our offering includes:

  • Focus groups within any population or segment, including specific sectors such as the ultra-religious, Arab Israelies, and new immigrants.
  • Focus groups that combine a pre or post product trial
  • Depth interviews with any group – customers, vendors, business partners, experts, opinion leaders etc
  • Ethnographic market research
  • Accompanied buying, shop along or polling random buyers
  • Home visits for the purpose of Ethnographic research
  • Qualitative panels by segments, over longer time periods
  • Mystery shopper
  • Various observations
  • Online focus groups

What our clients say:

"In conjunction with our qualitative market research, we work closely with the best quantitative market research providers and can suggest them if needed.

Giyora is a partner for strategic thinking. His wide and perceptive grasp of the situation along with the ability to tell what’s important and what is not let him to understand any problem thoroughly, dissect it and suggest feasible and practical solutions."

 Michal Brummer, Research Department Manager, P&G Israel


“Giyora is my best qualitative market research expert. It is a pleasure to work with him; his ability to listen to our customers and analyze their stories is magical. He knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff and provide us with tools for practical work”  

Shlomit Tzur, Manager of the Strategy, Planning and Research Department in Bezeq


“As the brand manager for Pampers in Israel I worked with Giyora who provided qualitative market research services to Pampers and other Procter and Gamble brands in Israel.  His services are reliable and professional, his research thorough and inclusive, with attention to the smallest detail and answers to all the questions we raised. All this enabled us to make better marketing strategy decisions.  His expertise, professionalism and day to day involvement in the marketing activity and business results of the brand enabled us to learn continuously. Aside from his remarkable professional ability, Giyora is also a pleasure to work with on the personal side as well.” 

Roni Newman, Pampers Brand Manager

“Throughout my work as a brand manager I had the opportunity to work with Giyora on a large number of projects (product launches, concept research, packaging etc). Regardless of the scope of research and the questions at hand, Giyora always demonstrated professionalism of the highest degree in managing research from the briefing phase to carrying out the planned research and analyzing and writing the report.

Giyora sees himself as an integral part of the brand management team and has therefore contributed beyond the research itself, bringing creative thinking and non-conventional ideas, more questions and other directions for research. On top of that, on the personal level, as anyone who has worked with Giyora can testify, working with Giyora is a pleasure: he is always at ease, reflects confidence, is always on time and never holds himself back from giving his utmost. As someone who has worked with many professional agencies, I can say that working with Giyora is one of the nicest and most professional experiences I’ve had”  

Gabi Sosonovitch, Area Manager, Procter and Gamble.